Horse hair for plaster

Animal hair was often added to traditional plasters over wood lathe for keying and to stucco to increase strenght.

In the US animal hair was primarily added to interior lime plaster applied over wood lathe.

We offer several types of animal hair and different lengths to cover a broad range of applications.

Goat hair is thin and is suitable for single coat application.

Horse mane hair and Ox hair is thicker and more suitable for base coat application.


For wall plaster work over wood lathe a good length is ideally between 2" and 3"

For ceilings plaster work the hair should be longer (4" to 6”) to provide for stronger keying 

                                    White goat hair

white goat hair

White goat hair            length 2” 1/2              approx 1 lb.       Price $ 24.50 

                                      White ox hair 

                           Ideal for ceiling work and base coats

Ox hair 1

White ox hair            length 2” 1/2  to 3”                   +/- 1 lb.        Price $ 24.50

White ox hair            length 3” 1/2  to 4”                   +/-1 lb.         Price $ 24.50

White ox hair            length 4” 1/2  to 5 1/2”            +/- 1 lb.        Price $ 24.50

White ox hair            length 6” to 8”                          +/- 1 lb.        Price $ 24.50

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