We offer consultation services for masonry  structure evaluation, mortar testing and matching,  specifications for restoration guidelines and procedures for private clients, Historic Societies, Curators and Institutions.

Mixing lime putty mortar

Choosing the right mortar is critical for a Masonry restoration. Inappropriate mortar selection may not last as long as it should and may cause irreversible damage to the masonry units and to the structure of a building as a whole. We are able to produce "like for like" mortars comparable in compressive strength, vapor exchange, permeability, modulus of elasticity and weather resistance. 

We utilize the highest quality lime putties, Natural Hydraulic limes, Natural cements, Pozzolans and aggregates to formulate custom mortars blended specifically for  each particular project.

We provide solutions for water and moisture issues, mitigate water infiltration from chimneys, masonry building facades and above or below ground exterior and interior foundations, eliminate water and mould issues in below ground basements. 


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