Links: A selection of valuable resources and information for historic masonry restoration  

Information about lime, working with lime binders, pozzolans and aggregates: 

Organizations related to lime, lime putty, lime mortar, historic restoration and conservation: (Italy)  (United Kingdom) (United Kingdom) (Ireland)  (Norway)  (Spain) (France)

The lime spectrum: An overview of the properties of lime putty, NHL and OPCs and their place in historic restoration:  

The availability of Lime and Masonry Construction in New England

Lime mortar and plaster - scientific studes:

Studies on aggregate size distribution in lime mortars with specifications for cold climates mortars:

The myth in the mix 

Aggregate grain size distribution

General guidelines for formulating, working with, and aftercare of lime based mortars:


Zeolite study:

Cocciopesto mortars study:

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